What Brightens Your Day?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

 What brightens your day? With all of this gloomy weather lately (I know, I know, I should not complain about 37 degrees) it has made me reflect and seek a little sunshine in my everyday.

Here are a few things that bring happiness in my everyday:

If you ever need a pick me up, I guarantee flowers can bring a smile to your day. I love putting together a bouquet to enjoy for the week and even putting together a bouquet to brighten someone else's day. Need a little inspiration for your bouquet making (or giving)? Head over to BloomNation. BloomNation partners with local florists to provide an easy and reliable way to give (or get) the perfect arrangement (no matter what your style might be). No brainer.

The other night I overheard Patrick talking to a friend. You could tell they had not talked in a while and it was a back and forth of catching up (not that I was trying to eavesdrop, but my husband does have a boisterous voice:). I took away something from his conversation that just brightens my day no matter how gloomy it might be. He said, "I know I am in a good place and everything is going well because I am so excited to get home to Mandy and the boys each night". Sure he tells me and the boys how much he loves us daily, but hearing him express it to someone else...it just brightened my day (and continues to so every time I think about it).

It breaks my heart (daily) to think about John Michael Night and his family. John Michael is a senior at Trinity and suffered a brain stem stroke leaving him with locked in syndrome. More about his story can be found here. As a parent you just can't imagine what this family is going through. So why in the world would this make my list for brightening up my day? Community. I have never seen anything like the love and hope and prayers that have come from our Trinity community in support of John Michael. From fundraisers to purple ribbons (stroke awareness) it brightens my day to be a part of a community that comes together for this young man and his family.