See Ya Later 2015

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hollywood?  Nahhh just the last night of Billy Bingo at the Cloister

We got to take in a lot of time with this little cutie (the baby not the dude)

F is for Francie

She tried so hard to learn about the Star Wars hype

Then she turned ONE!

William took his first selfie

Mimi set up the cutest party with a "make your own stuffed animal" station for the kiddos

Duncan could not keep his hands off his girl...she was a little over it

Silly D

Happy Birthday to you sweet girl

Wip working hard on his t-shirt for his stuffed dolphin 

You had to make a wish before you put the star in your animal...he was wishing hard

Wip made "Pink Girl" for Francie

This picture needs no words

Clobber time

Hey Girl Hey

The Francie's

I think she was seriously over him...

Happy Birthday Baby Francie!

Climbin' Trees

Playing B-I-N-G-O with Granddaddy

D (kinda) got it

Worn out from bingo

Ready for Camp Cloister!

Duncan getting frustrated at tennis

William had about 5 brain freezes

Got to celebrate the end of 2015 with these lovely ladies

and these handsome dudes

The Gang!

Favorite pic of the night

I love this girl

The real deal

Heeeeeey - o

Ready, set, go

See ya later 2015!!!