Kindness Always Wins

Friday, January 8, 2016

Taking a little break after a strong game of tag

I know I need to catch up with a holiday and new year post, but Wip brought home something in his backpack the other day that I think trumps and I need to get it out there.

I have this little boy who is encouraging and sweet and loving and most important...kind.

I was going through Wip's backpack and discovered a note. It is not unusual to get a note home, typically from one of his teachers. This note was from the Head of School. The big dog. I read the note. Then I read it again. Then I just smiled (even though she spelled his last name wrong).

When I asked Wip what he did to have Ms. Moon write this kind of note he simply said "I was at recess and there was a little boy on the playground who did not have anyone to play with, so I played with him".

So much about this made my heart happy. Wip was so nonchalant when I was jumping up and down about the note. He was basically like "it was no big deal". He is right, it should not be a big deal to be kind. But in this crazy and sometimes cruel world, it was nice to be reminded that kindness does win.

That night he begged me to make an art video. He is so into his art lately. He wanted to show people how to make a bat. I am sure you will not have time for the full 8 minutes, but skim to the end and catch what he says about doing art. I love him so much.