Well That Was Cool...

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The boys met the big guy while in elf pjs (it was random...I PROMISE)

Wip made breakfast for the first time and was so proud of himself

We found the "country" version of Florida

I don't know if this is cool...but he sure is cute

My FIL had lunch with the president. Now that is pretty cool. Don't they look like they are BFF?

Wip went roller skating for the first time..how sweet is his friend Avery?

Star Wars lego creation

Scooby Doo lego creation

Mimi with her boys

I had a girls night in with some friends over looking Lake Osceola

D is cracking me up with the football

I can't stop giggling from the meme from The Skimm. It might be the first thing I look at in the morning just to start my day off with a smile.