Boy Mom Pride

Friday, October 30, 2015

Lately, I have been having HUGE moments of boy mom pride. I am sure I would have these same moments if I had two girls or a boy and a girl but for whatever reason things keep happening that make my heart swell with the thought of having these two hilarious, sweet, and precious boys.

Last week I witnessed my first TPS Powderpuff dance off between the senior and junior boys. Take a little 30 second peek here. As I watched these boys strut their stuff I could not help but smile from ear to ear because not only was everyone cheering but these boys were having SOOOOO much fun. It seriously made my day. As I was watching these teenagers, I was secretly thinking "I can't wait for my boys to be out there someday!".

If you are not following the Falling Creek Instagram account, you should. Every picture brings out the happiness and joy that comes along with being a little boy. When we received our copy of the beautiful publication that Falling Creek produces my heart swelled when I flipped the page to this perfect moment...
2015 Father/Son Weekend

We had Duncan's parent/teacher conference this week. It went well and he is doing great in school. As we were wrapping up and talking about his friends the teacher paused and said "Duncan talks about his brother Wip all of the time...he really looks up to him". Well, if that doesn't just melt your heart then I have another story for you...
Wip's school picture
Duncan had his first flag football practice today. We arrived at the field a little early and noticed a little boy in a green Park Maitland shirt hanging out near the practice field. Wip was not with us and I was surprised when the little boy ran up to us and said "are you Wip's brother, Duncan?". The little boy happened to be in Wip's class. I asked if he had ever met/or seen Duncan he replied, "no, he just told me what he looked like so I knew it was him". I mean seriously. A complete stranger knows who his friends little brother is because he talks about him...I think that kid is pretty smart and I also think I have the best two little boys that a mama could ever dream for...hilarous, sweet, precious boys.
Duncan's first practice and he LOVED it.