A Year Later...

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The clouds in Florida are amazing. AMAZING.
It is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that we have been in Florida for a year. As far as Central Flordia is concerned we are veterans. This is a very transplant place and nobody is really from here. This has made it both easy and difficult to really find some roots and start to grow. On one hand most people "know where we are coming from" and on the other I have no idea how long they will be here to really establish a relationship.

So fast forward a year and I have a new job (at Trinity Prep:) a new house (that I love) and lots of adventures on the horizon. I miss family and friends in Kentucky, but I have this little family unit that I am treasuring. Treasuring every moment of these weekend trips to the beach, busy weeks of birthday parties and meetings, and most of all these afternoons with my boys.
One of many birthday parties that Wip had on his calendar. I love the new friends he has made.
We went to a 40th birthday party for a new friend and I forgot to tell Patrick that it was cocktail attire...when we showed up (IN FLORIDA) and everyone was wearing suits and Patrick was in shorts...it was a bit obvious. We still had a hellava time:)
I sat down with Wip to make some goals and this it what we came up with for his year. #squadgoals

Wip keeps losing teeth!  

I had just finished a DVD work out and Duncan woke up and told me that "my game was over". 
We went to Dyson's 6th birthday party last weekend...the boys had a blast!
Wip caught a tiny lizard, named it "jar jar binks" and put him in this bug catcher. Every night he would grab
 arugula out of the fridge and put it in the cage along with fresh water. On Friday, Wip came to me with the lizard and asked if he was still alive, sadly I had to tell him that "jar jar binks" was not alive. He took it surprisingly well.
Our main space
Welcome to our home (stop by anytime:)

Birthday cards from friends

Beach trips

More to come...