Summer Sayings

Sunday, August 9, 2015

As summer comes to a close I would be remiss not to share a few of the summer sayings that have come out of Wip and Duncan's mouths. You know when you share something about your child the other person says "you should write that down". Well, this is my "write it down" platform. Enjoy!

Wip can sometimes be a little "wild". The funny thing is that you can watch him spiral into that "wild" place and when he gets to that place, he knows it. Sometimes it takes just giving him a little squeeze, sometimes it takes a forceful voice, and sometimes we even do yoga. One of my neighbors invited me to an "essential oil" party and I ordered one of the oils that I was told would bring about calmness and serenity. While we were on vacation, I was trying to get the boys ready for bed and Wip was in one of his "wild" moods. The lightbulb went off and I thought this would be the perfect time to try my new fancy oil for him to inhale and be calm. I asked Wip if he wanted to smell the oil and he looked at me straight faced and said "oh mom, namaste". Well played son, well played.

While we were on the beach at the Isle of Palm the boys got really into playing in the ocean. It was the first time that we really spent a lot of time at the beach. From sand to the water we were out there for hours. At one point during the day, I looked up and what I thought was Duncan was a little too far out for my comfort. I started my crazy mom screaming. "DUNCAN! DUNCAN! DUNCAN!" along with my arms flying for him to come closer. In my panic state I looked down and Duncan was standing next to me and simply said "mom, you got the wrong kid...that is Wip". Got it.

Duncan has a friend at school named Sabasitain, but they call him Bass (pretty cute, huh?). Bass's mother is a pretty lady. She has blonde hair, is fit as a fiddle, and let's just say is well rounded. While we were in Sea Island Patrick was taking Duncan down to the pool when he spotted a lady in a bikini that looked similar to Bass's mom. One look at the lady in the pool and Duncan looked up at his daddy and said "that looks like Bass's mom, except for the face". Classic.