Keeping My Eye On You

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sneaky Thoughts
I learned this weekend that I cannot take my eyes off of Duncan. You see, Duncan is my "independent play" guy. He will sit for hours and play with his spaceship or pirate boat. He is really just content being by himself and in the world of constantly being entertained by machines or is kind of refreshing to see that he is perfectly ok with himself and a toy.

Duncan also has a HUGE dog crush on our neighbors dog, Jack. He has knocked on sweet Ms. Laura's door numerous times asking if Jack can come out and play {it really is pretty adorable}. A few times when I have not been able to locate him I just tip toe in the front yard to find him throwing a tennis ball to his new BFF. This has made me be a little more cautious about Duncan's whereabouts.

On Friday, we had the most glorious afternoon because we did not have a single plan. Nothing. It was awesome. This was pretty much what we did all afternoon. I was playing with Wip on the patio {trying to catch lizards} and if someone would have asked me where Duncan was, I would have bet a million dollars that he was in the playroom. Seriously...a million dollars.

Wip and I had been working in his bedroom and then moved out to the patio, so I had probably gone without seeing Duncan for about 30-45 minutes. Imagine my shock {and a little embarassment} when my neighbor from across the street came over hand in hand with Duncan saying "are you missing someone?". I jumped up and apologized asking if he had been playing with her dog "Holly" to which she said "no, he wanted to come in and play with Lauren's toys {her daughter}". She said, "I would have let him stay because he did not want to leave, but I have to run to the store."

So. Now we know. All eyes on D.