Monday, May 18, 2015


I think I am ok with four {or as you would say "I fink"}. Sure, you are my baby, and I want you to stay little forever, but four is a pretty fantastic age that I can't wait to experience with you.

You. You, Duncan Lewis Mulloy, are so much fun to be with. Everyone needs your dynamite sense of humor. When I get frustrated you somehow crack me up to the point that I forget why I was even mad. Well done, son.

Wip is your favorite. If Wip is gone in the morning when you wake up, you get upset because you want to have breakfast with him. You are thick as thieves. Bros. Bonded for life. It makes my heart so happy.

I think one of my favorite Duncanism's {because there is a ton} is your mix up with timing. Just the other day you said, "we can go to the store next week, after school, tomorrow night, right?". Or when you say "lasterday" instead of "yesterday"...I don't know if I can ever correct that.

You love to dress up in costumes. Superheroes are your favorite. Chocolate milk {and regular milk} in a froggy cup is still what you need first thing before you even can think about saying "good morning". You are goofy, loving, and one of my greatest gifts.

Your teacher sent me a note the other day that sums it up best...she said "I have loved getting to know Duncan. He's loving and kind. I love his carefree attitude and free spirit! He teaches me to relax and enjoy life".

We need more Duncan's in the world. It is such a blessing that I get to call you my son. I love you more than you will ever know. Thank you for making me slow down and enjoy the little things.

Happy Birthday!