Easy Friendship

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

We entertained our first house guests a few weeks ago. It was the kind of weekend when you laugh and forget why and do not stress one bit about the bathroom being a little messy or not yet having the paint color you want on the walls. It is was I like to call the easy friendship visit. It had been a while since we had been together. In 2011 we all gathered in Vermont and had a blast (a non air conditioned house, in July, with a three month old baby...it was a blast, I promise.).

Fast forward a few years and add a couple of kids and you have #2015spillmansbernamulloyvisit. At one point in the weekend I noticed the guys on the patio laughing about something (it is not hard to make them laugh...a story about Breadloaf or a weird food picture will usually do the trick). Sarah looked at me and said "I sure am glad that they met". Me too friend, me too. Needless to say this visit was just as fun. The kids played, the adults ate/drank, and eventually we explored a bit. Take a peek...
We played at the park
In our pajamas 
I know it is weird to say I "bonded" with a 3 year old...but this little girl stole my heart
Valentine treats
Play, play, play
These two formed a bond that I know will last forever...and it melts me.
We climbed trees
I am so lucky to have these beautiful ladies in my life
They got in my makeup...
But it was so darn cute I could not be mad
Duncan had the best makeover
Did I mention that this ADORABLE baby was there? Duncan was OBSESSED with him.
Bedtime stories with Uncle Spills
Happy Heart Day!
Duncan giving Hadley a little touch up
Windy beach trip

Looking out

We took our kids to a bar

Duncan and his buddy Grifbear

We are family


Animal dress up

We went to the zoo

Lots of art
Fast, forever friends.
Thank you for coming to our home, thank you for being such wonderful Godparents, thank you for being such a special part of our lives.

A little timeline...

Vermont 2011

Orlando 2015

Next up?

Wip has been really into playing "teacher" lately. His favorite subject to teach is Art. While we were playing Art on our chalkboard he said "wait! you can not erase Delia's picture. Delia made that and I want it to stay there." It will be here for her when she comes back:)


Melody Kazee said...

So sweet! Close friends are such a blessing