Octopus Pajamas

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

As the boys are getting bigger {tear}, I have started a "William" pile of clothes that I put in the boys playroom. One night after a bath, Wip discovered some pajama pants that I had put in the "William" pile and flipped. He was insistent that we find the top. Insistent. I did some digging and found the top to the set and Wip immediately put it on {it was size 3T}. After he put on the pajamas, he was insistent that I take a picture of him with the pajamas on and send it to Ms. Bloomquist {the fact that he knows the instant process of sending a picture to someone cracks me up}. 

So, I sent this picture:
I did not know what to say in the email except for the fact that Wip wanted me to send the picture. I was just beaming from ear to ear when I got this response back from Ms. Bloomquist:

Adorable. Just adorable. 

In addition to the happiness of discovering the pajamas, Wip is doing SO well in school. If you ever have the opportunity to pick up my little man from school you will get a chatter box. He does not stop talking. From his letter person to rehearsing his upcoming production of "Where is My Mother?", he just seems like he is in such a good place. The best part is the fact that when he does get in the car, the person putting him in the car is the one that tells me about the special award or kuddos that he got for the day...it is not even on his radar to tell me about his good news.

I had so much fun helping out with his class Valentine party last week

Love his teacher

Not sure what smarty pants really mean...but it seems like a big deal.

Then there was this one...

Keep em' coming Wip. I am so freaking proud of you.