Sunday, November 2, 2014

We had not even made it to our first house on Halloween night when Wip turned around and said "this is the BEST Halloween ever". I would have to agree. Our first October in this new town with new friends and new experiences has been insane and wonderful all at the same time. It is a month that can only be described by pictures. I hope you have your scroll finger ready here is our crazy month at a glance..

We pulled out the decorations on October 1

It was like Christmas morning pulling out toys that they forgot about

Wip loved setting everything up

He even made placemats

Kentucky seems to always be with us...on our way to visit friends staying at Disney we saw this car in the parking lot

Still working on the family dinners...

This was a salad "deconstructed" for the boys

Always nice to get this type of email...even though Duncan has Ms. Peggie wrapped around his finger:)

In costume. Always.

Pumpkin decorating contest at Park Maitland (he painted a fox:)

Wip's yearbook photo...wha? How did he turn into a real boy?!

Baldwin Park Halloween Festival

Duncan in a daze 

Showing off the face paint

This picture makes me laugh...D is always messing with his brother


Brushing a weird puppet's teeth

"I fink Im gonna wear doggie as a scarf today"

Deep thoughts

It looks like there should have been music playing, but it was all in their head

Trinity homecoming was a blast

Playdate with Duncan's buddy Bass

Took some time for a little basketball

Rollins College had the BEST halloween party ever

So much candy

We even went into a "kid friendly" haunted house...who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

Brothers enjoying some candy

Why does face paint put children in a coma? 

Out cold

She was so good (my little triceratops) 

Zoo Boo Bash was a hit

My little tiger

Good times

The boys decided to come home and dress up like mommy and daddy

Duncan hit up the pumpkin patch with his class

There ya go D

I love the expression on his face..hmmmmm

Big pumpkin for a little boy

Wip could not get enough of Halloween and when Auntie sent him a goodie bag he had to replicate the card


Trunk or Treat at church was a hit 

Duncan and Dylan...buds

Best Trunk ever....from Up!

Tuckered out

Today we decided on a skeleton...until I had to take him to a meeting with me (he did not have school) and he had an accident in the office. Embarrassing!

I also had to take Duncan to work with me and this is what I found on my phone after he had been playing with it...what?

A girl at my office was so sweet and set up a trick or treat through the office (he was pretty tuckered out at the end of the day)

On Halloween night Wip was a skunk and D was Mickey Mouse. Wip was helping D get ready for the big night. Adorable.

Happy Halloween!

The only bummer to my month was my phone sliding out of my purse when I sat it down to get my keys...I have only had the thing for 2 weeks. Hoping November will give me some better luck:)