Oh No He Didn't

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The perfect height for a 5 year old.
Wip and I were getting ready to ride bikes up to the pool. I was carrying his bike down the stairs and he was trailing behind me. All of a sudden the fire alarm went off. When I type the fire alarm went off, I don't mean just a weak little "I smoked up the house trying to grill my chicken". I mean the fire alarm for the entire building went off...and it was loud. A neighbor came out of her apartment confused, I looked at her and threw my arms up also looking confused because I really did not know what happened. As Wip made his way down the stairs, I could see it in his face, he pulled the alarm. When asked he immediately fessed up.

Of course we could have yelled and screamed at him, but watching all of the neighbors come out of their apartments and watching him burry his head in his hands. Yelling and screaming was not necessary, he knew he did something wrong.

It ended up being the perfect set for a scene in a sitcom. The old lady that usually gives us a scowl look when we walk by was consoling Wip and letting him know that it would be ok. The young, hot college girls that just moved in were conversing with the dad and his kids. People were introducing themselves and did not seem at all pissed that they had just been uprooted from their homes thanks to a 5 year old little boy with a lot of curiosity.

When the fire truck arrived {sirens blaring} a Uncle Scotty type firefighter got out of the truck {are all firefighters kind and sincere?}. He {thankfully} had a 5 year old and knew how to talk to Wip. After educating him on the dangers of pulling the alarm he gave him a tour of the firetruck.

The next day when Wip walked past the alarm that he had pulled he said "Mommy, do you want to know why I pulled the fire alarm?". He continued "because I did not know what it was for". Fair enough. So let this be a lesson when you move into an apartment complex that has fire alarms ALL over the place at a child's reach...explain that it is not something you pull:)
Pretty much impossible to stay mad at that face


Franciemull said...

The perfect way to handle the situation...bravo!

Melody Kazee said...

So glad that the adults reacted as adults. A great, yet somewhat scary, learning experience. Also , hats off to that fireman!