2014 Isle of Palms

Saturday, August 2, 2014

I feel pretty spoiled typing the title of this post. Last week we were lucky enough to have a family vacation at the beach with my family. When you have small children the act of vacationing is much different than your previous experiences of reading lots of books and taking lots of naps. We had six children (5 and under) in the house and I still managed to read a few pages of my book, watch the Bachelorette finale (whoa, heavy), and most importantly spend time with family. Take a look!

The pool was clutch...they had so much fun!

Wip introducing Kendall to Toontastic

Ready, set, go!

Being goofy at lunch

Duncan playing a little chess

Kendall playing with animals

Wip playing with the Frozen game {he was also a doctor and needed to wear a shirt with a pocket}

Hunter playing Trouble. Click here to see Duncan and Hunter playing.

Lucas playing with the iPad

Caroline playing with a bucket

Duncan thought it would be cute to put a crayon in my beer

Check out the boys moves here.

Crab legs!

Being silly

Sweet Caroline

Met my former lacrosse player (from the 6th grade!) and her sweet boyfriend for a cocktail {is she really old enough to have cocktails?!}

We had to order the CocaCola cake

Thanks to the camp counselor that told Wip about the surfer girl who lost her arm to a shark, Wip has lost his love of the ocean {we are working on getting it back}

Duncan said he was building me a castle. Click here to see him surfing.

The boys climbed in the dunes and played for what seemed like ever

Silly boys

Reenacting Lord of the Flies?

Now D is ready!


D picked a flower for me

Prebedtime show....Patrick was really into it.

We went to tour the USS Yorktown {Kendall and Wip were driving the ship}

D decided to take a nap so we sat it out the tour...{I forgot the stroller}

Wall-E with their new friends Stanley the Snake and Lester the Lemur 

Watching Snow White {aka Disney crack}

This superhero says "thanks for a great vacation!"