Monday, July 14, 2014

Trust me. I love when my kids get away from the television or the ipad and just play.

Like when they play with the "paper doll" that Grams and Poppy sent (Wip named him "Jim")

Or when they bring out the puzzle and a brother helps a superhero figure out where the pieces go

Or when they have a Pandora dance party here (I am sure our neighbors below us with twin 3 month old babies really love us).

But when they do indulge in the ipad, a friend told me about an app that I absolutely love...Toontastic. I am sure you are probably sick and tired of hearing me talk about this, but I just love watching Wip's imagination with this story telling tool. You create characters and come up with conflicts and resolutions then you get to watch your creation with your own voice telling the story. It is pretty awesome. Click here to see Wip and Duncan creating a masterpiece (I am sure of it:). FULL DISCLOSURE...I am not a "pay for an app" kind of gal, but if you want the real deal pay up the $9.99 for the school edition, it will not disappoint.