Send Off

Sunday, July 13, 2014

I just want to sincerely thank you. If you are reading this post then you more than likely hosted a party, sent me an email, kept my family in your prayers, gave us a gift, or even just gave me a little pat on the back letting me know that you would miss me. I have never in my life felt such love and support as when we decided that our family would no longer be in Kentucky. I am just going to put it out there that it was the best send off. Ever.
It really all started with this email from a former soccer player...
I will miss these lovely ladies

Gifts from Grams and Poppy

We have made it states apart before...we can do it again!
We have been together a looooong time

This is the best house ever. That is all.

Moving Day

We LOVE Mrs. Charlene!

Got this little note just when I needed to hear it

Harrison just did not want to let him go.


I hope Wip finds a Kaylen in Florida...she made him so happy.

They love each other (most of the time:)

Brunch with KCD friends (yes, I am realizing that I am wearing that shirt a lot:)

Lots and lots of playdates

Going away party at the Robertson's with dear, sweet, awesome friends

It was a great evening

Boy...they are going to miss each other.

I will miss seeing this sweet lady
I hung this by my desk...such a wonderful reminder of good friends and good times.
Well, that is just a taste of the love. From the bottom of my heart....thank you.