I'm Baaaaaaack

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sorry for the lag in blogging {I think I also fixed the comment section, but please do not feel that you need to leave a comment}. 

Where do I even start? The move was somewhat uneventful {thank goodness}. We have yet to find a few things that we will probably never be seen again, but for the most part everything made it. Here are a few things I have learned:

1. Not responsible for lost or stolen items is a true statement.
The first night in the apartment we must have had a "Elmwood Avenue" mentality. We left our double stroller outside and someone stole the tires {not the wheels, not the stroller, but the tires}. Then, we went to New Smyrna beach for the afternoon and Patrick walked down to the waves with Duncan. It took maybe 42 seconds before Duncan had grabbed his finger and his wedding band slipped off. Finally, the boys left their goggles at the pool one afternoon and when we went back to get them...gone.

2. It really is a strange, small world. 
One afternoon we were driving around and came upon a toll, {tolls sneak up on you, which has taught me to ALWAYS have quarters} the car in front of us had Jefferson County plates. The gentleman in the car got out and seemed confused on how the toll worked. Patrick reached out to him and was really excited to make the Lou-a-vull connection. Sadly, there was no connection to be made. The gentleman was from Arkansas and the car was a rental. But, the most bizarre was the first time Patrick and I went to church. I was scanning the program and noticed that there was an anniversary shout out for Mandy & Pat Mullally. I was confused and thought maybe Patrick sent in our information ahead of time and they just got our anniversary date wrong. Nope. Not the case. There happen to be two people in Winter Park that attend All Saints Church and their names are Mandy & Pat Mullally. Could not make that up.

3. Exploring a new town is fun.
So far my favorite restaurant has been The Coop {fried chicken, collard greens, just good home cookin'}, my favorite bakery is Bluebird Bake Shop {best latte I have ever sipped}, and best sightseeing? Well, who needs Disney when you can get a season pass to Gatorland?

Caught this on the way down

They sell wine at Target. I repeat...THEY SELL WINE AT TARGET!

Boat tour with Mimi and Granddaddy

It was worth it

Our first dinner at the new house {before I ordered new patio furniture:)}. Shrimp and avocado salad with gazpacho...yum!

Gatorland, Y'all!

First stop, pet a baby gator

It is not real...but they did not know that
Feeding birds at Gatorland here and here. I stayed outside.

PB&J, goldfish, and a splash park made Gatorland worth every penny.

We felt so trendy when we stopped by the Food Truck Tuesday event.

The Orlando Science Center was amazing {we joined}. Wip said "William would love this Curious George!"

Checking out the Panda movie in 3D {45 minutes of my life I will never get back}

He pretty much nails it with the horns...only his are a bit more "devilish"

Why do they put gift shops at the end and do not let you exit without entering? Devilish if you ask me.

Wip LOVES his new haircut spot {they have toys}

Me, D, and a grilled cheese. Perfect lunch spot at Gourmet Croissant. 

New Smyrna Beach was AWESOME {minus the losing the wedding ring part}

Oreos and the Ocean 

We packed a lunch and it was only $5 to DRIVE on the beach...cheap date.

The Farmer's Market had "alligator" beef jerky that Wip LOVED

Cutest bakery. Ever.

Everyone in the family LOVED The Coop! 

Trust me if you come and visit, we will go here. Please come and visit.

Don't even get me started on those desserts...oh my!

Well, this is the start of our crazy, awesome, scary, fun, hot, wonderful adventure. More to come....


Melody Kazee said...

This makes me so happy! I have soooo missed having my Oh Brother fix. It made you guys feel even farther away!,

Franciemull said...

Missed your journal more than you know...hugs to all

Tracy said...

I am so totally in love with those boys!! We miss you and can't wait to visit :) xoxo