2014 Sea Island Summer

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

About 10 years ago (really?!) I entered Sea Island, GA for the first time. The "check in" gate is much more fancy than the previous shack across from the shooting range, the fitness center holds many more people than the (maybe) 5 treadmills it used to hold, and the hotel....well, it is pretty. We headed over to Sea Island (this time it took us 3 hours versus 12 hours) for the annual 4th of July festivities, fun, and family. Lots of fun times were had and memories were made. I simply cherish this time. My happy place. 

Some of my favorite memories include Wip taking part in the swimming races (he was all about it). He completed his category (5-6 boys) and then proceeded to continue with every category that they announced (5-6 girls, 7-8 boys, 7-8 girls, etc.). I finally got him out of the pool and he looked up and said "Mommy, why do I always come in last place?". Here is a blurry feature of his debut swimming relay. Duncan took part in the swimming relay here. I was a tiger mom and ticked off that the chick next to me pushed her son to the finish. Cheater. 

We also dipped our toe in the potty training over the week. When I say dipped our toe, we basically took no chances and put him in pull ups, but continued to bug and annoy him to use the potty. Often I would sing the Daniel Tiger song "if you have to go potty STOP and go right away. Flush and wash and be on your way". One point in the week he looked at me and said "mommy, please stop singing that, you are embarrassing me." Really kid? You are THREE!

Maybe the craziest thing that happened was when we were leaving the beach club to have some "quiet time". Wip was pulling on my arm to take him into the the gift shop to show me what he wanted for his birthday. I was not biting and kept walking to the door. Just then out of the corner of my eye I spotted a celebrity. I noticed this celebrity couple walking into the gift shop and of course my shallow self told Wip that he could show me the toys he was talking about. I sat there half listening to him and half starring at the stars. It was a low down dirty way for me to connect to Hollywood. Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade were just trying to have a nice little holiday and I was using my son and his obsession with his "wish list" to get closer to them. Shame.

Here is a peak at the week:
We put the boys to sleep by listening to a little Miles Davis

Beach Club Lounger

Brothers and Bikes

Lots of chicken, french fries, and fruit was consumed 

A little D/GranddaDy time

William is HERE!

Rare, blurry, sweet moment

Me and William getting our breakfast on...

I did a lot of this...it was nice

Superhero chart (pay attention!)

Thumbs Up

Kate (best addition to the annual 4th of July Sea Island trip) dug a hole for the boys (and even got a blister!)

Wip enjoyed the hole very much

Ocean time with Daddy

Homemade Chocolate Rice Krispie Treat? YES, PLEASE!

We played tennis...I was terrible, Patrick was really good.

Sand Castle Contest!

Wip was so excited to be in the "Top 10", but only 8 people entered. Love this kid. Click here to see his chant to the sky in an effort to bring home a trophy.

Just me, D, and a BEACH!

Sleepy head

William and Duncan solving world problems

More french fries...

Did someone say SNOW CONE? This kid was pumped.

We took a boat ride (sans children) it was nice:)

My man

Scotty Doooooo

Watched a little Charlotte's Web

It is so tough being D

Kate and the boys (one of my favorites!)

Curious George...gets em' everytime.

Sweet boy



Ready for the 4th of July Parade!

Is that Superman?

2 dudes serious about some parade watchin'

This picture makes me smile

Little bbq to celebrate 'Murica

Finishing the night with a little "Brave" coma 

Love these ladies

Yeah...I love that guy too

Happy Birthday America!