Monday, July 21, 2014

Just give me a beautiful day in a new town and Wip. That is really all I need to have an awesome day. Wip and I have been doing some day trips lately, and well, you guessed it...we have had a blast.
We hit up the local library. He played with this puzzle for about 30 minutes.

We hit up some outlet malls...he was a TROOPER!

Big Ol' Pretzel

Big Ol' Appetite 

We hit up a citrus farm

Lots of sunshine...but no citrus

He thought this was real



Having fun with the oldest

Who needs oranges when you have crocodile statues!?

We topped off the the Citrus Farm with what else?  Orange Juice Slushy!

Only in Orlando can you go to take back some shoes at the mall and end up on a Ferris Wheel!

We had SO much fun!  I think the conductor forgot about us...we went around like 10 times!

View from the top!

Wip was so happy.

Looking true.

Have you been to Del Taco? It was so good!  The {assuming} owner reminded me of Gustavo from Breaking Bad {in the charming the way...not the meth dealing bad person way}. While waiting for our food a very large couple passed us {like the dude was so big he had a tattoo on his finger for a wedding ring, because I do not think a ring would fit}. Wip {thankfully} whispered "why are they so fat?". Whoa, this was a first, but we had a talk about eating well and having a good balance...I hope it worked.


Franciemull said...

I think Wip feels more than "a little bit great"...

Melody Kazee said...

Looks like a great time for you two! LOVE the selfie of you both