Learning from Mistakes

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The picture above tells the story beautifully. We headed to Patrick's softball banquet last night and I put the children in shorts and a long sleeve button down (no coat). Of course, I failed to look at the temperature. It was 42 degrees and raining (the party was outdoors). This was my first (of many) mistakes of the evening...not dressing my children properly.

I was wearing leggings with a denim dress. We walked through the outdoor party and greeted everyone. I was holding Duncan and asked him twice if he needed to use the bathroom. He said he did not and then not two seconds later I felt something warm and wet seeping through my denim dress. Mistake number two...purchasing Target brand pull-ups. Terrible idea.

When I went to change Duncan, I realized I forgot to bring extra pants for him. Picture us standing in the drive way of a lovely home as I put a another pull up on Duncan and realized we had to go back into the party without pants (Duncan, not me). Mistake number three...thinking that my child was potty trained.

I grabbed one of Patrick's dress shirts to change into, because I also did not bring an extra change of clothes for myself. While in the bathroom (without a lock) I was changing into the shirt, but also needed to use the bathroom. Imagine my surprise (and their surprise) when someone opened the door to the bathroom only not only to find someone else using it, but using it without a shirt on. I tried to grab the door, but I slipped and fell back on the toilet making a huge crashing noise (it was so loud I heard people asking if everyone was ok...not one of my finer moments). Mistake number four...not using a bathroom with a lock.

So, we packed up and went home (the boys were exhausted), Duncan without pants and both falling asleep while holding a piece of watermelon.