Happy Place

Monday, May 5, 2014

Before reading this post I must state the obvious...Yes, I realize that my children need a haircut. Yes, I realize that Wip has a hole in his pants. Yes, I realize that both outfits are very monochromatic. I give you full permission to judge. 

In honor of Wip's birthday week, I told the boys that we could hit up the zoo today. I knew it would be one of our only opportunities and the weather was begging for us to be outside for as long as possible. We arrived around 4:30 giving us an hour and a half (much longer than I usually spend) to see some animals and maybe hang on a monkey bar or two. When I got up to the gate, the lady informed me that my zoo membership expired on April 30 and I would need to go and renew it. Well, shoot. I told her we were moving in a matter of weeks and a zoo membership would just not make sense. She did not care. I clearly could not turn around...Wip was beyond excited naming every animal he hoped to see. $30 later...we had the place to ourselves.

Wip was in his happy place. Seriously. His smile was from ear to ear. He was being so kind to his little brother, pointing things out, letting Duncan know when he was correct about the name of a particular animal. He even went by himself to ask for a map (and I witnessed some good manners!). As we strolled around, Wip insisted that we take a picture at every statue. He took it all in. He was such a good listener. He even helped his brother go potty, cheering him on the entire time. When Duncan was finished, Wip turned to me and said "I think that is like the (wait, what comes after 10?)...yeah 11, I think that is the 11th time he has gone to the potty!". So precise. While it was a bummer that I had not realized my membership had come to an end, it truly was worth every penny to see how happy an afternoon zoo trip could make a little boy.

UPDATE: Wip has informed me that he is going to be an artist when he grows up, not an animal doctor...we shall see about that:)