Most Blessed

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The pastor at church on Sunday morning really spoke to me. Perspective was his topic. My attitude about this past Easter week highlighted so many blessings...

It started with a night with the ladies....Derby Divas (a fundraiser for breast cancer) is something that we have been attending for a few years and it is really just a great excuse to get us all together. These gals have no idea how much I am going to miss their pretty faces in a couple of months.
I went to a weight class on Tuesday and probably bit off more than I could chew...this was my arm on Friday and I could not straiten my arm for any amount of money. I realized the definition of friendship when I left my children with Beth to head over to the intimidate care center. Three hours and a few x-rays later, it was determined that I had simply bruised my muscle and was sent home with some fancy anti-inflammatory medicine. She has no idea how thankful I am for her.
Saturday morning I ran the mini with these fine ladies. In two words...I finished. In so many other emotions I ran this year for Hope Scarves. Every mile meant something. It was pretty powerful. I am so thankful for my health, and my wish for the world would be a cure for cancer...just the word is hard to type. A HUGE thank you to everyone that supported me.

Next stop, on Saturday, was a super fun Easter Egg Hunt at the Rankin farm. It was filled with sugar, energetic kids, and a beautiful day. 

Ring leader

Checking out the loot

Gangs all here

Might be my favorite...thanks Mo!

Just some boys checking out some cows

Duncan was tuckered out after a morning of fun!
Easter Eve this is how we found the boys...melt. #dontchange #lovethesetwo #brothers

Easter Bunny stopped by...

Total hit.

Breakfast of champions...Wip insisted that it looked just like the box

Easter morning was a bit of a challenge to get a good picture of my well dressed boys....

Wip prepping the pose

Showing the love

Working hard to get the smile

I think we have a smile!

This might be as good as it gets

Easter Egg Hunt at LCC 

Just stop with your cuteness


I don't think even being miles away could end this friendship...

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tracy Amin said...

Nothing could end any of the friendships :) We will, however, miss you all like crazy.