Tubes (later post)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Snuggling after the procedure
Ms. Marie called for a phone parent/teacher conference. She told me that Duncan was doing great and gets along well with his peers, but during circle time he does not participate. It was not that he was misbehaving, he was just basically sitting there and staring at her. I told her that we were getting tubes put in his ears the next day and I would be interested to see if it helped.
funny juice is funny
On Wednesday, February 26th we headed over to Jewish Hospital for the procedure. Upon arrival, they gave D some "funny" juice to calm his nerves. I can't even put into words how much he was cracking us up. He would say "whaaaats your name?"...."I think we call you Mommy!". While this was completely entertaining for me and Patrick, the "funny" juice wore off by the time the doctor came in to take him back (2 hours later!). Of course the procedure only took 10 minutes. He was back in the room with us in no time and Dr. Murphy said that he was confident Duncan's hearing would improve 30-40% that day with all of the junk that was taken out of his ears.
post surgery ice cream
Fast forward a couple of weeks later and I swear Duncan was walking through a tunnel for the past few years. I think he was "getting by", but I really do not think he could hear. Every time I go to pick him up from school, one of the teachers says to me (daily) "I can't believe the difference in Duncan". So thankful for good doctors and procedures that make my little man a new little man:)