Potty Party

Monday, February 24, 2014

Lets get this "potty" started in here
We went to a potty party a few weeks ago. What is a potty party you might ask?  Well, it is basically an excuse to get the children together to play, the adults together to drink some vino (at 11:30am:), and everyone gets to take home some goodies from Huggies (including Skittles, underpants, pull ups, and stickers).

Playing cars

Potty Crew

Yep, that should make someone need to potty:)

Potty Treats

It is exhausting...
As we were leaving the party, I accidentally ran into the mailbox (that just happened to be made
of IRON). In my defense the driveway was a sheet of ice and I was trying to avoid sliding down the hill. I just got the bill to replace the mailbox and lets just call this the most expensive potty party I will ever attend!  I must say that seeing D and Dreeeeeeeeew together makes it worth it. Best Buds.