Sunday, December 8, 2013

This weekend I was able to recharge with Patrick in Chicago (thank you girls golf team!). The picture above was the only picture I took and that was only to text to a friend that I thought would love the clothes at Bonpoint (of course she already knew about it:). The laptops were left at home and the boys were with their grandparents. We relaxed, we ate, and we laughed. It was a pretty perfect weekend.

We Relaxed.
We stayed at the Ritz Carlton and damn, it was nice. After realizing that we had not had anything to eat all day we got some burgers and a beer at the bar and then promptly went to bed. We slept until 8:30am!  8:30 people...that is huge!  After a workout and steam we headed out to walk around the city with absolutely no agenda. It. Was. Awesome. 
We Ate.
One of my favorite finds was stumbling upon Eataly (which had just opened on Monday). We purchased some fresh cheese, bread, and prosciutto and headed back to the room where the team had provided us with a nice bottle of wine (they really, really appreciate Patrick). We ate, drank, and read our books all while looking out at a beautiful view of the city. Then we took the most delicious nap (yep, I slept in and took a nap!). We woke up and cleaned up and went to dinner at RL. The team also provided a very generous gift certificate for dinner and we enjoyed every bite!  After dinner (and a little pop in at the Anthropologie that was next door) we headed back to the hotel for a cocktail. I don't even think it was 10pm before we found ourselves falling asleep at the bar and so we headed back up to the room.
We Laughed.
On Friday night after we had long went to bed, the phone rang at about 1am. The gentleman on the other end told Patrick that his Maserati was waiting downstairs for him. It took a while to convince the man that he had the wrong guy...I was dying to know just who was the man taking a Maserati out for a spin at 1am!

We went to Saks to check out some shoes, but we did not purchase anything. As we were walking out of the store a gentleman was updating us on the fact that the men's store was moving over to this building and when it was going to open. I politely smiled and told him thank you and he randomly hands me this pretty nice umbrella. Random. The couple that was leaving the store at the same time did not receive an umbrella and we overheard her moaning that she spent money and we did not and yet we got the gift...just goes to show you, people love crap.

Patrick was really pumped to go to Pategonia. I like Pategonia, but I also feel like that something you might have purchased 5 years ago is still in the catalog today. A lady was trying on a long puffer coat (very similar to the one that I have) and the salesperson helping her was trying to explain to her why this coat was so amazing. I happened to walk past the conversation and overheard him say to her "oh that coat, that is last years version"...basically calling me out!  I was cracking up because it is the same damn coat!

We decided that we were going to need "recharge" at least once a year. A new tradition has been made (as long as the grandparents don't mind:).