Happy Ho Ho Ho To You

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Can we just mark this as the best Christmas EVER?! Thanks.

Gingerbread House from Breakfast with Santa
While the entire month was filled with Breakfast with Santa, holiday parties, lots (and lots) of cookies, a Nutcracker performance, and the list could go on...the real treat started on Monday, December 23rd when the Kazee, Parsons, and Mulloy clan gathered for some good food, good cheer, and (of course) a viewing of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. The boys played, the parents/grandparents drank, and everyone opened presents. My heart was so happy just watching and being a part of it (oh, and how can I forget celebrating Poppy's birthday-a day early:).

We retreated back to Louisville on Christmas Eve and when I walked in the house I noticed that Ernie the Elf, had fallen from the shelf. I picked him up in hopes that I could put him back before Wip entered the house. Fail. As I turned to put him back, Wip walked in and all he could do was gasp. For those not "in the know", Ernie was in danger of losing his magic powers if a human touches him. Thank goodness that Santa would be coming that night. I explained to Wip that Santa would pick Ernie up after he set out all of the toys, and enjoyed the cookies. He was going to take him back to the North Pole to restore his magic so he can join us next year. Shooo, that was close.

The boys gave me the best gift of all on Christmas Eve...they played. No TV, no ipad for two solid hours. Click here for a little peak into the imagination of Wip and Duncan.

Thanks to some of our friends, Santa was not the only one that was able to enjoy a treat. We put out some reindeer food for Rudolf and friends in the front yard...click here to check it out.

Wip had been asking to go to sleep all day and the time had finally come. Equipped with Spiderman pj's and smiles the boys headed to bed. Duncan was not as ready to go to sleep and when I peeped in he said "Mommy, sleep with me for just one minute?"...well twist my arm. While getting Duncan settled, Wip softly said, "Mommy, will you sleep with me for just one minute too?". Gees boys, could you tug at my heart strings a little harder please? 

Christmas Day was finally here (starting at 6:10am) and Wip could not have been more excited. Duncan, well, he could have cared less. We opened presents, drank lots of coffee, and just sat back and enjoyed being with each other. I cannot count the times that Wip would say "I love my presents that Santa brought me". If awards went out for most Christmas spirit, Wip would nail it. Clear here to hear Wip's theory about the leftover cookie. Click here for the big reveal from Santa.

That afternoon we headed over to Mimi and Granddaddy's house for a Christmas lunch. Once again we were spoiled rotten. The boys had so much fun opening presents and play, play, playing. I really cannot tell you how blessed I am to have such a wonderful family.

So listen to me and listen close...best. Christmas. ever (until next year:).