Grams and Poppy to the Rescue!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Sunday agenda included brunch with some girlfriends, a holiday open house, and a JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE concert to attend (nbd, just a typical Sunday). When I came home from brunch, Duncan was sleeping.  In my head I was thinking "yeah for naps" in my heart I was thinking "please o please don't be sick". He woke and was groggy (per usual), but something was just a little off. The boys were watching a movie so I took the opportunity to hop in the shower before the holiday open house. Duncan toddled up the stairs and as I peeked around the shower curtain to see if he was ok, he vomited all over himself. Great.

I was trying to get out of the shower to my sick son and the only thing going through my head was...NOOOOOOOOOOOO, not tonight, JT is in town. Patrick arrived home shortly after the occurrence and in true Patrick form his theory was that he must have had too much hot chocolate at Sunday school. I stayed home with D while Patrick and Wip went to the party. Sure enough after a few sips of water it was clearly a bug and not too much hot chocolate.

I cancelled the babysitter and cried a little. I mean, of course I did not want my son to be sick, but of all nights it had to be the one that I had been looking forward to since August. Then, I did what any normal person would do...I called my mom. It was more of a sympathy call (a poor me if you will). To my surprise the first thing out of my mothers mouth was "I will come down". Really?  To take care of a puking child? Grams and Poppy to the rescue!

In case you were wondering...the show was amazing. I have thought about it daily. It did not disappoint.

What was that?  You need some JT videos?  Well, ok...

Like I Love You (pardon my embarrassing attempt at singing)
Until the End of Time (this was when he played the piano for me)
Cry Me a River (this was the one song Patrick was hoping to hear...again, sorry for the embarrassing singing)
Let the Groove Get in (this is when he decided he wanted to get a little closer)
SexyBack (this was the song I requested...I sure do wish Miranda was there to dance with me!)
Poison (saving the best for last...I lost my mind when he played this song)

As for D, the bug lasted less than 24 hours and he is just fine (and nobody else got it!). Next time, I am going to tell him to take a better look at his calendar so he will know to reschedule:)