Monday, September 16, 2013

So this is a random post in which I use the word this a lot. Enjoy!

This is what I need in my home every week (fresh flowers and booze).

I feel like I need want a trench coat. I have a nice "dress up" coat and I have a "puffer" coat, but I do not have the "I can throw this on with anything and walk out the door" coat. This is practical, not outrageously priced, but it is not in my size. This is gorgeous, exactly what I am looking for, and I am sure will last forever. But of course, I keep going to this because when I think of a classic trench coat, I think of Burberry. Oh well, a girl can dream.

A long time ago, I took a girl (who now babysits for us) trick or treating. She and her friend dressed up like old men and they made me laugh the entire time with a song that they made up called "Imanoldman". The other day I discovered this in my inbox and it made me smile. The quality is awful, but the memories are priceless. Hard to believe she is now a senior!

You know when you "pin" something to the "yummy board" and it just sits there? Well, I actually made this from my board. I did not have the ripest peaches so it was far from perfect, but I did learn that challah bread makes the most perfect french toast.

We went to a dinner party this weekend and I made this. In theory, it sounded really good, in practice it was not the easiest thing to munch on at a party..lesson learned. Thank goodness there was tons of good food to enjoy (including but not limited to Krispie Kreme bread pudding...yes, I typed that correctly).

I am doing this 3-day cleanse with a friend of mine starting on Wednesday. Wish me luck (I am going to need it!).

I made this for the boys this weekend. Clearly not as cute at the blog, but it will do the trick.

This is my favorite picture of Wip from the week. The boy never naps, but after playing all afternoon with his cousins, he was wiped out!

We had a ton of fresh corn in the house, so I made this (including the beer bread). It was a keeper and perfect for the change in weather.

This letter was not only beautifully written, but ohmmmmmgeeee did some of it hit home (ha!). It made me proud to be a Lexingtonian.

This was my favorite picture of Duncan from the week.

I typically do not introduce much to my husband when it comes to technology and music. I was shocked when he did not know about the Ctrl/Alt/T command that will bring back the webpage that you were looking at in Chrome if you accidentally click out of it. I also told him about this song/artist. I seriously listen to this song about 10 times a day. I also really like this one. FYI, she is only 16 years old!