Saturday, September 7, 2013

My friend sent me a link to Plated. Fresh meals, easy to prepare, delivered to your door.

I was a little skeptical because you were able to sign up for 4 "free" meals. I went ahead and put in my credit card information for the subscription because it says you can cancel anytime and I figured if I did not like or get around to preparing the meals, I would just cancel.

Well, the box arrived, and of course...I LOVED it (and Patrick did too)!

Our schedule this week looked like this:
Busy, crazy, busy, crazy, busy. Plated was just what I needed. When I opened the box this is what I found:

 The final dinner looked like this:

I am not kidding when I say the flavors were amazing. My only complaint (if that is what you would call it) is that I had to use a few dishes to prepare (very easy prep) which just means more to clean up. The meal did not take long to prepare...I did not even finish my "put the boys to bed and have a cocktail, cocktail" before I finished!
If you are looking for some fresh new ideas for dinner, if you just want the right amount of ginger so that you don't have to throw away that entire tree looking branch, if you enjoy when someone gives you step by step directions and perfect portions to make a meal, then I highly encourage you to try Plated!