It Started With Fruit Loops

Saturday, September 7, 2013

When I was a little girl we never had "sugar" cereals in the house. This made eating Apple Jacks or Fruit Loops extra special when I would spend the night with a friend or if we were out of town.

Today, we started our morning off with some Fruit Loops. The boys never really eat cereal, so the concept of spooning your milk with your food took some work.

If it is Saturday and you have Fruit Loops for breakfast, cartoons are mandatory, right?
After breakfast we had a little craft time and made some Ollieblocks. This was a HUGE hit and something the boys played with all afternoon.

Wip was super impressed with the picture he took of his new shoe

The afternoon was spent at a puppet show and ice cream afterwards. The puppet show was put on by Squallis Puppeteers and it was about a dinosaur with a temper. The message was great (when you get upset with a situation you should take a deep breath, shake it off, or try and talk about your feelings).
Mama needed a Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino this afternoon
We were invited over to our friend Miles's house for some burgers and of course could not pass up the opportunity to hang with our bud!  The boys literally ran and played and sang for two strait hours (making bedtime really easy).

It was a busy, fun day, but the best part was coming home to Daddy (who had been out of town at the All A Golf Tournament)!  The boys love their daddy.