I am 37

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

So, I turned 37 on Friday.

Sadly, I had to attend a funeral, but it was for a man that lived a long life and was kind to everyone he met. This made the service a true celebration of his life. Rather than freak out because I am closer to 40, I am going to celebrate (mainly because I can still say I am in my 30's:)

Here are a few of the things 37 years on this earth have taught me:

1. Always ask yourself "what would Tami Taylor do?" (WWTTD?)
It is no secret that I am completely obsessed with Friday Night Lights (Texas Forever!). In my parenting and dealing with my students, I have often asked myself "what would Tami Taylor do?". If you have no idea what I am talking about, stop what you are doing and watch all five seasons of Friday Night Lights. Like right now.

2. 3-Day Cleanses are a complete and total waste.
So I posted a few days ago that I was doing a cleanse with a friend. I made it a day and a half. My friend called me a day in and told me she had to be put on a z pack and the doctor told her that she needed to eat something more than the shakes. I went to Red Robin with my sister and the boys for dinner (who could ever deny those fries? I mean the darn things don't end). My sister-in-law told me about this article, and I must say that I completely and totally relate to this chick. I have learned that good ol' eating well and exercise will do the trick.

3. Read. Everything. You. Can.
I know that the ladies in my book club want to kick me out because I never finish the book. But, I do love that feeling of getting into a good book and flipping that last page. I also love finding a good Slate article, reading something that comes through on a tweet, clicking through endless adorable blogs, and most of all reading the boys bedtime stories.

4. Family is everything.
I love my friends, I love my job, I love coaching soccer, but nothing like the love I have for my family. They will never know how much they really mean to me.

5.  Get facials and wear sunscreen.
It is very hard to keep the facial part in the budget, but man does it make a difference. I have been going to Skyn Lounge and what I love is that yes, she recommended a few "pricey" items, but she was also all about the aveeno face wash and clinique toner. She also insisted on a higher SPF everyday (like 50).

6. Enjoy a good meal (and a date night) every once and a while.
We went to Milkwood for my birthday dinner on Saturday (it was amazing). I not only enjoyed every bite, but I also really enjoyed the company:)

7. Figure out what makes you happy and enjoy it.
As you can probably guess, those little monkeys above make me so incredibly happy. With their unique personalities and absolute adoration for each other...watching them grow up has been pure joy. 

8. Keep your promises. 
No real epiphany here. It just makes life easier.
9. Wish big.
There is nothing like making a wish and watching it come true. 

10. Finally, if you get nothing else from this "what I have learned in 37 years post" please read this last tip closely...watch Breaking Bad. Please. You will have no regrets. For me, there is one more episode left to watch. If they kill Jesse I will go back and rewrite this to read "don't even bother...it will rip your heart out". But for now, go watch the show.