Bye Bye September

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bye, bye September. 

It has been a month filled with birthday celebrations, soccer games, golf matches, start of school craziness, and my dad telling his cancer "see ya, wouldn't want to be ya!". 

I realized how quickly the time is really passing. We had our cabinet doors painted in the kitchen and it made me realize that we no longer needed the "child proof" hooks that kept the children out. Tear.

Wip taught me a new song, click here.

I could not have felt more loved on my birthday...I feel like it was celebrated all month long!

Wip got his first shiner:( Apparently his cheek ran into his friend's head. Not a good combination.


The boys had plenty of time on the soccer fields and golf courses. 

My favorite picture of the week from school.

The boys showed me how they can help each other out. They both took turns pushing each other on the bike. Click here to see how the term "helping a brother out" went a little deeper.

Finally, it has been a long road, but I am confident that my dad is going to be just fine. He had surgery last week to remove the yucky tumor that has been a total pain in the leg (literally). Dr. O'Donnell and his team were amazing! The predicted 8-10 hour surgery lasted only 5 hours and although the the tumor was the size of a cantaloupe (right behind his leg) and was "monstrous", they think they got all of it. My dad is still recovering at UK hospital, but this is hopefully the final step to him being able to get on with living and enjoying his grandsons. Thanks for all of the calls, texts, thoughts, and really means so much.

So, as you can see September wore us out! Just click here for proof.


Melody Kazee said...

Love the brother helping brother video so much. D looks impressive tying that shoe!