Are You Happy?

Monday, September 9, 2013

As I was getting the boys ready to take a bath tonight, Wip looked up at me and said "are you happy mommy?". With a big smile on my face, I looked back at him and said "yes!".

I am happy because:

   Duncan actually took a nap. Would you just die to have those lips?

   We won our soccer game 7-0!


I enjoyed a couple of these babies when I got home:).

Wip told me about patterns "See the American flag? The red and white stripes are a pattern.".

Someone told me that my sons were "adorable" (even though they had been playing on a playground for three hours and were filthy:).

Someone told me that my son was intelligent.

Even more important to me than all of the above was witnessing pure kindness from Wip when he was talking about a heart. "Mommy, a heart means love, and when I tell you, and Daddy, and Duncan that I love you, that is what a heart stands for".

So, yes Wip, I could not be happier.