The Meltdown

Monday, July 1, 2013

About three years ago, I remember when my best friend called me to tell me about the meltdown that her daughter had at the grocery store. It was one of those "leave the cart full of groceries" kind of meltdowns. I vividly remember feeling sympathy, but also thinking "really, she is 4 years old, and old enough to know better".

I took the boys for a walk to pick up our membership cards for the beach club. It was a hike. On the way (it was about a mile away) I played some music and we sang some of our favorite tunes and it was a great start to the vacation. When we got to the membership office I parked the stroller and the boys and I walked in to a very quiet, big, space and a lady talking on the phone. Duncan stayed close, Wip did not.

Wip first ran and jumped on the couch, then he thought it would be cute to run around behind the lady's desk (who was still on the phone). I was furious and grabbed his little hand and told him that if he did not come over and stand next to me then we would not be going to the pool. He lost it, like a "newborn baby cry" kind of lost it. The poor lady could not hear what the other person on the phone was saying because he was screaming and crying so loud. I was mortified.

I pulled both boys outside and explained to Wip that was not the kind of behavior that will be tolerated and that he was going to go back into the building and apologize for being loud. He agreed and in we marched. She was off the phone at this point and I signed for the cards and we stood there. I looked at Wip, Wip looked at me, and the lady looked at both of us like "what else do you need?". I prompted Wip and he sheepishly looked at the lady and said that he was sorry for being so loud.

The walk back was not as enjoyable. So much for thinking that a 4 year old should know better...