Happy 1st Birthday William!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I remember the day that William came into this world. Nervous, anxious, and excited were just a few of the feelings that ran through me. Fast forward a year later and we have gotten to know a sweet, calm, and funny little man that has made our world (and Duncan's life) a better place. Happy birthday sweet William, we love you so much!
Haircuts for the big party

Duncan wanted to be safe on the way to the party

This is the perfect description of my boys...one pretends that it is a bubble and the other one throws the ball

Before cake!

After cake!

Adorable decorations

Having fun with Granddaddy

Gift time

Uncle Scotty and Ned putting together the toys

He did it!
If you want to see William enjoying his cake click here. If you want to see him REALLY enjoy his cake click here.