Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lucas and Hunter came in for a visit on Saturday. It was a fun filled day/night with the cousins, and I must say that while having four under four would not be easy, it sure is fun to see these boys play together!

Pool side picnic

Wip LOVES "fixing" up his new bike
As proof that Wip loves working on his bike (and messing with his cousin) check out this video here.
Teaching Lucas the ropes

Time for s'mores (this is the before pic)

The boys loved the "special" treat

Digging in!

The s'mores won:)

Having 3 boys in the same room did not work out (they would have played ALL night!)

On the way home from dropping the boys off we told Wip to close his eyes and get some rest...this is what he was least he was trying, right?


Melody Kazee said...

Love, love, love it. So darn sweet!