Happy 4th Birthday John!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Shiver me timbers!

We went to a pirate party today to celebrate one of Wip's best buddy's 4th birthday. 

Let's just say, it did not disappoint.

Just by the invitation...we knew it was going to be a treat!

X marks the spot!

Captain Hook, is that you?

Yes, she made these...adorable.

Time to sing!

Yum yum!


Ready, set, treasure hunt!

Off they go looking for treasure...


Plenty of treats for everyone

Lucy, could you be any cuter?

This is what Wip did when I asked how the party was...

He could not wait to get home to share is pirate treats with Duncan

Duncan was pretty impressed.


Melody Kazee said...

Can not believe that the " boys" tuen 4 this year. It is so true that time passes fast when you are enjoying! Such a sweet post!