80's Kid

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Courtsey of www.MJ-in-The-Early-80s.com
If I were only given two options that reminded me the most of my childhood it would be Michael Jackson and E.T. the Extra Terrestrial.

We went to the Zappo's Outlet last week. I was holding Duncan while browsing. "Thriller" by Michael Jackson came on and Duncan went nuts. He was shaking his head and bobbing up and down in my arms. He loved it. Since then we have been playing a lot of Thriller in the car. Wip appropriately asks for "the creepy howling song".

Listening to "Thriller" also prompted me to watch E.T. with Wip. Looking back, maybe not the most appropriate movie to watch with your almost 4 year old, but what is done is done. He sat on my lap the entire time. He asked a million questions. He fell in love with E.T. just like I did as a little girl. There is a scene when E.T. is sick and has turned a shade of white. Wip asked me if he was going to turn brown again. I told him that he just needed his mommy to come back and get him. With crocodile tears in his eyes he said "will his mommy come back to get him soon?". It was one of the sweetest moments to see such concern in his little heart.