2013 Spring Break-The Wedding

Saturday, March 30, 2013

A colleague of Patrick was getting married in St. Augustine, Florida. We made the wedding part of our 2013 Spring Break. To say that our trip has been an adventure is an understatement...
The trip started out well

As we got towards Florida we all started melting (and mommy and daddy wanting to pull out their hair)

The car would suddenly get quiet for a long period of time, and we realized that David was giving Starburst to Duncan to make him stop crying (and it worked)

When we arrived we ran to the beach and dipped our toe in the sand (Duncan actually dipped his entire body)

The taco shop for dinner was A-MA-ZING

We got the boys in bed only to be woken up at 2am by the sound of Wip getting sick. After the third time of asking for new sheets the gentleman at the desk told us that they did not have any left because the hotel was at capacity. Oh, how I loved renting a bed for a ridiculous amount of money only to sleep on the floor.
Poor little man also got sick at the breakfast table, I don't think they were sad to see us go

Even with Wip under the weather he was such a trooper, we played on the playground and picked up some popsicles at the farmers market.

How do you not look that this street sign and want to bust out "Ice, Ice, Baby"?

After leaving the invitation at home and getting confused because the website and invitation had different times we made it to the wedding (literally as the groomsmen were walking out). Shooweee.  It was such a great wedding and I don't think we left the dance floor once (not even to check the score of a March Madness basketball game).