Santa Stopped By

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It started with a trip to Lexington. We headed to Grams and Poppy's house to open presents, hang out with cousins, and have one cute-ta' of a photographer take some family pictures.

On Sunday we celebrated William's baptism. He (of course) was perfect and slept like a baby (te he he) through his luncheon. I was not able to get a picture of the man of the hour, but did capture what was hands down one of my favorite moments...the godfathers and Duncan having a serious talk about Lonnie's hot dogs.
Ned, Hunter, and Duncan talking life

Christmas Eve was here and after a "happy birthday" skype session with Poppy and a Christmas pageant service at St. Matthews we went to Mimi and Grandaddy's house for dinner and more gifts.
These boys loved the Halmark houses

Granddaddy and his boys

Trying to be adorable...and it is working

My hopes of a pajammy cousin picture did not turn out as I had hoped...but they are still pretty cute

Jackson Hole here I come!

Good times and good night
After much hype and anticipation Christmas morning arrived. The boys gave us the gift of sleeping until 7:30am. When I heard Wip's door open I jolted up to greet him (probably more excited than he was). He was clutching a Jessie doll, Bullseye horse, kangaroo figurine  triceratops stuffed animal just to name a few. Clearly, he did not need more toys. He looked up at me with the most adorable little boy look and said "Mommy, did Santa stop by?" Yes, Santa stopped by.
The moment has arrived

Santa stopped by!

There is no sweeter sound than your Toy Story obsessed son wearing cowboy boots and a Woody hat  flying his Buzz Lightyear doll around saying "to infinity and beyond!"

We stayed in our PJ's all day

The boys play, play, played
This Christmas season was nothing short of amazing. I received WAAAAAY more than I could ever deserve and my boys brought so much joy and happiness to my heart. Merry Christmas everyone!