Lessons and Tidbits

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I have learned a lot this week.

1. We got the results back from the Gesell Developmental Screening for Wip (a requirement for applying to KCD). All of the "tests" that he did came back that his development is at the three and a half range. Except one. In the category for "naming animals" he has a developmental capacity of a five year old. Shocking:)
The boy loves his animals

2. 12-12-12 might have been a lucky day for some, but not for Duncan. It was day four of his stomach bug and it was discovered that he had double ear infection. He was pitiful. All he wanted was to be held. I learned that having a sick kid sucks, but holding a thirty pound sick kid really helps with arm definition.
Working on my fitness
Target perscriptions are perfect for children

3. Trader Joe's is completely out of the sea salt dark chocolate caramels. I repeat, Trader Joe's is completely out of my favorite thing to hit my lips so far this holiday season. Noooooooooo!  I am embarrassed to admit that I went to the store with just one item on my list. I even made the guy go in the back to "double check"...I am sure he thought I was a nut job. The lesson from this is to buy in bulk when I come across anything that has the words sea salt dark chocolate caramel printed on the box.
Savoring every last piece
4. I am slightly addicted to subscription websites that get you to sign up for a subscription and then send you goodies. Each month is like Christmas...opening a box and not knowing what you will find. I have tried Birchbox (cosmetics), Kiwi Crate (kids crafts), and Citrus Lane (kid stuff). Others that look appealing include Olivebox (stationary),and Umbabox (handmade gifts). But the real eye catcher was pvBody (workout clothes). The lesson of this is getting a subscription for workout clothes does not guarantee that it will get me to the gym to workout.
5. In the wake of the senseless tragedy in Connecticut I can't help but hug these little elves a little tighter. My heart just breaks for the families.