If I had a girl

Friday, December 21, 2012

If I had a girl her name would have been Edith Kate Mulloy and we would have call her Edie. Kate would be in honor of Patrick's grandmother (that he simply called Kate) and Edith would have been in honor of my grandmother, Edith (that I called granny). I wanted to name my little girl Edith because she was funny (actually, hilarious) and kind (one of the most generous people I have ever met). When she passed away, the only thing that I wanted was the picture above. She was on an airplane (heading to Vegas) with one of her girlfriends. She is holding playing cards and just looks like she is ready for an adventure.

I have been thinking a lot about my granny this holiday season. An old roommate stopped over the other day to drop of a ceramic Santa plate that she had mistakenly packed when we moved out years ago. My granny made the plate and said that she had been meaning to give it back, I am so glad that she did. Seeing that ceramic plate brought back so many memories.

Memories like when my Poppy was in the hospital and gravely ill, Granny did not leave his side. One night, we both stayed up all night while she held his hand and told me stories about when she used to work as a waitress. Maybe I was slap happy, but I remember laughing so hard I was crying at some of her tales, especially the one where the man was so drunk that he kept leaving out one door and walking back in another door asking for another drink. Clearly she had to tell the story, but it was classic.

Granny LOVED Christmas. She cherished holiday cards and I remember the arched doorway that she always displayed her collection...she had a TON of friends so the arch was always full. I think she would have lost her mind at the way holiday cards have evolved with pictures of family. Knowing her she would have kept them up all year. I can see her now sitting in the kitchen with the country radio station playing the songs of the year countdown in the background. She would always whisper "Mandy, come over here, I need to tell you something" and then quietly slip me some cash thinking that nobody saw what she was doing. She loved playing this game with all of her grandchildren...and of course we did not mind.

Recounting these wonderful memories of my granny makes me realize that it does not matter that I will not have a girl to take her namesake. I am raising two boys that will hopefully carry on her humor and kindness and that will work just as well (maybe even better!).  I know that she is taking a break every now and then from a bingo game upstairs to just smile at her great grandsons.


Melody Kazee said...

So darn sweet, made me cry