Flea Off Market

Sunday, December 16, 2012

We went to Flea Off Market today after church. The wind was whipping, but it was such a nice day to just be outside. After browsing the booths we had a lunch at Lil' Cheezer. Yum. The sweet potato chips were served with a spicy curry bbq sauce...lets just say that if Duncan had a straw, he would have sucked it down. He went through all three of the containers making sure that every last bit was gone.  Who knew?

While browsing Wip found a booth with ceramic animal candle holders (that is the randomness of a place called Flea off Market:). He played and played with the figurines and I told him that he could come back and pick one out if he wanted after lunch. We went back and he decided on the zebra (which he later named Roger). When I was paying the gentleman for the figurine I filled him in on how much Wip loves animals, he told me that he so enjoyed watching him play with the animals and could tell that it brought him so much joy. It was a sweet little moment.

After a book club party on Friday, a day/night of nothing on Saturday, and a good ol' family day on Sunday...it was a nice freakin' weekend!

Memorized by a dog

More sauce please!

Wip give the wolf a high five

Love these ladies (they let me stay in the club even though I never finish the book:)