Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Duncan has been sick. Not the Ferris Bueller's Day Off sick as we had originally thought but just good ol' stomach bug sick. There is nothing worse than going in to check on your child and having them just get sick right there in front of you with nothing you can do about it. It is crushing.

While D was home with daddy, I picked up Wip from school. Today was the Hanukkah Party in Wip's class and I was supposed to be there for the party. With a sick kid at home and a boss that had to go to a funeral I simply could not leave work to help out and sent my regards hoping everyone would understand.

When Wip got in the car he was in the best mood.  He took out gifts and even a present for us. I asked him how the party was and he immediately got quiet. When I continued to ask him what they did and if he had fun, he just looked at me and said "other mommies were at the party, but Wip's mommy was not at the party".  Really kid?  Really? Talk about crushing.

Thankfully when we got home and Wip walked in the door D lit up. Patrick said it was the first time he had seen him smile all day. At least I had that moment...because a sick kid and a disappointed kid make for one tough Monday.
Trying to get some zzzz

Alright...lets try this waffle (it was a bust)

Wip's gift from Ms. Jackie and Ms. Jan

Wip's gift to us (a beautiful Star of David ornament that looks beautiful on our tree:)

I swear Duncan was really happy to see Wip

When Wip saw this totally awesome look with the no shirt and gray pants....

He said he wanted to look like D