End of Summer Thoughts

Sunday, August 19, 2012

This summer I started jotting down some random thoughts, here is what I came up with...

1.  Well behaved children are essential on airplanes.
There was a little girl on our flight to Paris.  She was running around everywhere, demanding that the flight attendants bring her bread, and talking to passengers that clearly did not want anything to do with her. When she finally fell asleep all of the passengers around her took a deep breath.

2.  When I am old I will do my best not to complain about everything. 
While we were on the boat I witnessed lots of angry old people. I have never seen so many people so upset about not having a safe in their room.  It was a lesson to treat people kindly no matter what your age.

3.  I want Wip and Duncan to learn how to fish. 
We watched Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Not the greatest movie of all time, but it made me think about fishing and all of the lessons that can come from it. Patience, fulfillment, and a little nature.
4. I am obsessed with Blake Lively.
She should get on my nerves with her "I don't need a stylist, check me out on the cover of most magazines, and I date guys like Leo for a week and then I am over it" attitude.  But it doesn't get on my nerves. For some reason if I could go back to my 20's I would want to be her.
5. I miss Ad-Rock from the Beastie Boys.  
Ok, I know that you can't really miss someone that you don't know, but I have been listening to Beastie Boys music that I have never listened to before (Hot Sauce Committee Part 2) and it is so good!  Ahhh, the fond memories of my childhood and the Beastie Boys...Paul Revere anyone?

6.  Travel light.
We have so much "stuff". When I pack the boys up to go to the pool you would think that we are moving in. Between the snacks, changes of clothes, toys, and more snacks it is absurd how much we pack up when we go anywhere.  In Ukraine I would see families walking on the boardwalk with a child in one hand and a towel in the other.  That is it. They would hang out all day with just each other to keep company.  It was a life changing moment for me.
Packed in like sardines and loving every minute of it
7.  Learn how to speak a different language.
Just like my obsession with Blake, I am a little obsessed right now with the French culture. I am reading Bringing Up Bebe and not only is it an interesting read about raising children, but it also makes me want to move to Paris! With all of the resources at my finger tips (Rosetta Stone, many French teachers at school) I am going to make this my Mid-Year resolution.
8. When you are not around your kids all you seem to think about is your kids.
I will say that this was true 60% of the time when I was away.  I did feel that we had a healthy balance between missing the boys and having a great time being away from the boys. It did make me laugh when we would be sitting at dinner talking about what else?  The boys:)
What is it about these fellas?
9. I heart our babysitter.
Cat G. came over last night to watch the boys so we could celebrate Mimi's birthday. I have a postcard on the bulletin board of Kate Middleton and Prince William. She told me that she had to look closely at the picture because she thought it was of me and Patrick.  What made it extra cute was her rational of how I look like Kate and Patrick looks like William. Love that girl.

10. Boys love their mamma no matter what culture you live in.
Yesterday I took David's parents around the city. We went to lunch, checked out some of the parks, and walked along the waterfront. I noticed during the day that while David's dad is great he really has a special relationship with his mother. It made me smile.