Thursday, August 30, 2012

When I pick up Duncan and Wip in the afternoon Ms. Charolette always greets me with Duncan in her arms and says "you are going to make me have another baby!".  My favorite part is that she has a new reason every day.  One day it was the way Duncan smelled, another day it was because Duncan recognized her in the hallway and gave the "Duncan salute", the next day was the precious outfit he was wearing.
Duncan LOVES school
This got me thinking...what is it about babies?  

This morning I got to love on my sweet nephew Hunter and I did not want to put him down.  The way he smiled at me with those few teeth coming in...I could just eat him up (of course Lucas was equally adorable). I left wanting to have another baby.

The other day I had to say goodbye to William for an entire month!  While a little cold prevented me from loving on him, I had to take a picture because I know that he will change a million times in that short month.  His facial expressions crack me up and every time I get my hands on him...yep, you guessed it, it makes me want to have another baby (good thing he just lives down the street:).
William Creason at 12 weeks