Another day of 1st's

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today was another day of 1st's in the Mulloy/Li household.

David's first day of his freshman year at KCD (and in America!).  He was so nervous the night before with a million questions for us (between getting his books and knowing where to go).  He said he had a GREAT day and really enjoyed his classes.

The other first came tonight during my debut coaching for my first girls varsity soccer team (Coach Shartzer was at her sister's rehearsal dinner).  It was a very evenly matched group of girls, but the Bearcats came to win.  And win we did!  I was so proud of each girl on the team for not only fighting the tiredness from the first day of school, the heat (which made us play 4, 20 minute quarters with 10 minutes in between...uggg), and my nervous nelly behavior.  We are now 3-1 and I could not be more proud.