Sunday, July 29, 2012

Odessa is the final stop in Ukraine it is known as "Pearl of the Black Sea". The city has a definite Russian feel (more than the other places).  We headed towards the Potemkin Steps to meet up with our neighbors Scott and Carrie Mezvinsky from the Baxter Condos who have flown down from Moscow to meet us for the weekend.  What a treat!

Potemkin Steps

Patrick and Scott

Mandy and Carrie


We thought the boys ordered this for us:)

Lots of weddings in this town

If you look at this statue a certain way it could create a giggle

View of the city

Big Ol' Baby Statue

Cute Couple

Catacombs Tour

School room

Time for cocktails!

One of my favorite restaurants...Dasha meaning summer house

Everything in Russia must be stamped...apparently this menu was approved by Russia

Jewish Museum

Literally in someones house

Not kidding this was the front

Small courtyard in front of the museum

Lviv Handmade Chocolates made everything better

Group shot!

That is better:)