Saturday, July 21, 2012

Next stop is Zaporozhye! This is a city of about 1 million and known as a town of  industry. Founded in 1770, Zaporozhye means beyond the rapids because there are so many rapids in the area (I thought Demetrius was saying "beyond the rabbits" so I had to clarify:). The entire city is basically one road that is over 120 miles long, can you imagine a main street that is that long? After a few monument stops we went to the Khortitsa Cossack Museum. My ADD kicked in a little because I can only take so much of history talk (Patrick of course was loving it). I did stumble upon the first Ugg boot from 1651 found during the battle of Berestechko.
Random fountain

They LOVE backgammon in Ukraine

Just sitting on a yellow bench


I am secretly obsessed with Blake Lively and there she was...

So many monuments of Lenin I lost count

Before the museum 

First pair of Uggs...ever

Many, many damns in this town
The greatest part about is stop was the Cossack Horse Show that was in the middle of nowhere...another reason why you do this kind of trip because there is no way that we could of got to this place on our own. In addition to the dancing, and singing, there was some very good looking Ukrainian men doing these amazing tricks on horses. I got the courage up to let Patrick know that this one gentleman was easy on the eyes. After the show we go to the bathroom turning the corner both Patrick and I witness this same gentlemen taking a shower in the open in nothing but his boxer shorts. It was a Sex and the City moment if I have ever had one. 
Got to the horse show!

It was amazing

Patrick entertained us afterward

Trying to get the pretty painting in the background

Ukrainian lunch with some sort of alcohol was included!

Today we met Bill and Laurie. A father/daughter couple. Bill is in his 80's and reminds me very much of my Poppy. His mannerism and even the way he dresses. He is a very sweet man (aside from accidental passing gas in the museum and almost killing me). They are both from California and once again they were wondering what in the world we were doing on the boat.