Summer, Summer, Summer Time (sing it:)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Do they make them any cuter?
Summer has gotten off to a great start.  Sweet baby William is home and getting used to the world around him, we had an nice adult weekend in Nashville with the Sherrards (thanks Grams and Poppy!), and potty training is becoming bearable with much more successes than accidents.

My little William boys
Duncan and Poppy

All of the Mulloy boys had a summer haircut scheduled last week. Mimi was so sweet to help out while I was at a work function. After everyone was trimmed and looking spiffy, Patrick was holding Duncan and his diaper must have shifted because pee pee started running out of the diaper and all over the floor. As everyone was helping to get it cleaned up, Wip looks up at Duncan with a most serious face and says "Duncan, we pee pee in the potty, not on the floor" (do you think he has heard this before?).
Looking spiffy after a haircut
One morning last week I got up earlier than Wip (he has adjusted to the summer schedule beautifully). I went ahead and got his breakfast ready which included a cereal bar (mixed berry), strawberries (he loves strawberries these days), and a cup of milk.  Once he got settled and started munching on his breakfast he looked up at me with the most sincere face and said "mommy, you are such a good cook".  Sometimes I could just gobble him up.

Wip enjoyed camp at the Temple and there was not one day that he came home in a different outfit which means he did not have one accident (yeah!).  Each day I would ask how his day at camp went and who he played with. Sometimes I would throw in a name, for example "Wip, did you play with Dagny today?".  He would always respond "No, she was sick".  I finally caught on that the children that I would bring up did not sign up for camp, but in Wip's mind he just thought that they were under the weather.  Too funny.
Art from camp

Butterflies made out of wipes and band aids 
Daddy and Duncan had plenty of bonding time last week while I was at work and Wip was at camp.  Check out this video of Patrick sneaking up on him after a nap.  This will be replayed a million times because it just makes me laugh.

Finally, we officially have a walker and an Elvis impersonator. Check it out: